photoshoot team pool photoshoot

2020 has been quite the year.  Plans to shoot our New Collection were put on hold due to Covid.  As summer neared the end, our long awaited Pool Shoot Finally came together with an Amazing team.  We want to thank everyone for such an Amazing Shoot and cant wait to share all the photo & videos on our social media. 

bikini photoshoot

Our Talented Hair & Make Up Team on a mission for perfection.

swimsuit photoshoot at a pool

Stylist, Designer, & Hair Stylist doing final touches.

women's neon swimsuit and neon nails

We have details down to matching neon nails.

blonde bikini snacking

Models due snack between shots.


black bikini on african bikini model

We spray painted those palm leaves for a chic look.  A fun prop to make shadows on the walls and model's skin.

coral bikini swimwear photoshoot